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GoGreen Conference New York

2012 Session Details

Green Marketing and Branding: Mainstreaming Green
Businesses have worked determinedly over the past two decades devising green marketing campaigns for consumers. Even so, green marketing has never fully succeeded at selling eco-products and services to consumers beyond niche healthy lifestyle and pro-environmental communities. Is "eco" really over, or is it just evolving? New York's finest branding and marketing experts share new research, effective strategies and cutting edge stories of shedding the tired green marketing framework and reinventing "sustainable" for mainstream consumers.
Green Your Workplace: High Impact Change at Your Business
Greening your workplace can be the biggest environmental impact reduction your business can make. From assessing materials and resource usage in your office space to identifying key steps in your business operations, this session lays out the need-to-know's to help you manage your workplace energy, water and waste. Whether you are a commercial property manager, building tenant, green team leader or sustainability director, this panel discussion shares stories of how top NYC buildings and businesses are cutting resource use and making it look easy.
The Social Bottom Line: Doing Business As If People Mattered
Discussions about business sustainability often focus on the financial benefit of environmentally sound business practices. This session focuses on one of the most popular species in the environment; people. Enterprises that enhance social capital, enhance the value of their business across all business metrics: share price, financial performance, competitive advantage, productivity and brand value. In this session, panelists will substantiate the value of social elements and discuss how best practices toward an improved social bottom line are integral to comprehensive business sustainability.
Collaborative Approaches to Achieve Zero Waste in Your Business
Zero waste management is a challenging endeavor at the forefront of organizational sustainability goals. This session centers on practical methods of zero waste opportunity evaluation and prioritization from three diverse perspectives. Panelists will discuss how their businesses have embraced the concept and application of zero waste management, the "how-to's" of eliminating waste before it is created via purchasing and contracting, and the importance of executive leadership in creating a culture shift within the business.
Employee Engagement: Forming, Facilitating and Training Sustainability Champions (Green Teams)
Accelerating adoption and sustaining greening programs for the long-haul have been shown to require a fundamental shift toward an organizational culture of sustainability. Practices in employee education, capacity building, adaptive management and more are critical for getting employees on board and strengthening core support to carry the sustainability transition. Hear from three high level practitioners as they share vetted organizational and change management strategies from the top-down, bottom-up and operationally throughout a business.
Green Your Fleet/Transportation: Integrating Alternative Vehicle Strategies Into Your Business
Green transportation options have grown significantly in recent years due in part to the opportunities associated with improved efficiency and combating rising gas prices. This session will showcase regional leaders that have developed alternative fleet programs and transportation systems that improve the bottom line while reducing the company's carbon footprint.
Building The Business Case: How to Create, Implement and Measure Sustainability Goals
The business case is at the root of progressing all sustainability initiatives whether you are a player new to the sustainability transition or a veteran carving the way. You know that creating and measuring sustainability goals is critical, but the best path forward for your business is rarely clear. This session will host panelists to walk you through assessing your unique sustainability opportunities, setting relevant and measurable goals, gathering and organization data, and prioritizing actionable next steps to ensure your company makes the best decisions to reduce impact and meet your bottom line needs.
Sustainable Energy: Tools, Strategies and Incentives for Lowering Business Energy Consumption
When it comes to lowering energy use, smart operational decisions go a long way. Learn how to identify target areas and implement conservation and efficiency improvements to slash your consumption and maximize savings. This session will also provide information on incentives and programs available to ease the upfront cost of retrofits and capital investments. You'll leave armed with both tools and knowledge to combat energy waste immediately.
Emerging Leaders: Trends and Culture Shifts as a New Generation Takes Leadership
As a new generation rises, culture shifts are inevitable. But what will business look like when the kids who grew up recycling and learning about the dangers of global warming take the reins? We present four emerging leaders you'll be hearing a lot more from in the years to come-to share a sneak preview of what to expect from sustainable business under their generation's leadership. These movers and shakers will share the generational trends and culture shifts that will transpire as they relate to technology, diversity, organizational dynamics, communication, and doing good while making a profit.
New Manufacturing Renaissance | Innovative Companies Changing the Playing Field
Over the past decade the manufacturing sector has been in decline not only in the United States but in many western economies. Most recently changes in economic factors and the growth of new industries have poised the United States for a comeback. In this session, leading organizations will discuss the rebirth of manufacturing, describe what it looks like through a lens of sustainability, and share how such a rebirth will mean a rethinking of networks, value chains, design and production.
2012 Top Innovators in Sustainability
What's next on the frontiers of sustainable business innovation in the Tri State area? Attend this session to find out! This session gathers a mix of top 2012 innovators to showcase their success stories and insights. Panelists discuss hot opportunities in the business region, their forecast of developing trends in the near future and failed fads that have fallen by the wayside.
Funding Green Programs: Financing Your Sustainable Initiatives
Even despite the associated cost savings, launching sustainability initiatives in a business will often require a financial input. This session brings together a panel of experts to walk attendees through the practical tools and conceptual frameworks for financing sustainability projects whether they are small retrofits or large capital investments. Panelists will share insight about public and private sources of capital, use of internal financial instruments, capital allocation decision-making, and strategies for seeking out assistance from institutions or industry funders.