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GoGreen Conference New York

GoGreen NYC Environmental/Green Practices


The CUNY Sustainability Project has committed to reducing the University's carbon footprint 30% by 2017 and integrate sustainable practices into its operations and educational programs. CUNY's 19 campuses have each developed an individual sustainability plan, identifying over 800 goals, actions and best practices that minimize CUNY's impact on the environment in seven key areas including energy usage.

Sustainable CUNY Conserves is a University wide effort to reduce energy consumption, spend less money on utilities and use the savings to support other campus efforts. A $1-million revolving Sustainability Investment Fund has been established to support projects on CUNY campuses which produce energy savings and other sustainability benefits.

Food & Beverage

Sustainable food partner, Restaurant Associates


  • Utilizing digital signage to decrease printing needs
  • Programs and postcards FSC certified on 100% recycled paper
  • Re-use of signage and name tags for multiple years


  • Venue Recycling through CUNY Graduate Center
  • Composting through Restaurant Associates


The venue was chosen at a central location that is easily accessible by public transportation.

Carbon Offsets, Renewable Energy Certificates, and Water Restoration Certificates

GoGreen 2013 has partnered with BEF to balance the energy, carbon and water footprints of the Seattle, Phoenix, New York and Portland conferences. Verified Renewable Energy Certificates donated by BEF ensure that only clean, renewable energy will be used for each conference. Verified Carbon Offsets donated by BEF kept 123,458 pounds of CO2 from the atmosphere, balancing the carbon footprint associated with staff, presenter, exhibitor and attendee travel and lodging. This is the equivalent of taking 37 passenger vehicles off the road for one year. Water Restoration Certificates® donated by BEF restored 5,000 gallons of water—the equivalent water use of the conference venue as well as staff, presenter and attendee lodging—to critically dewatered rivers and streams.

BEF About BEF—At BEF, we believe addressing the planet's most pressing environmental challenges requires innovation, creative problem solving and discovering a new way of doing business that values the natural resources we depend on. We are entrepreneurs for the planet. Through a full suite of innovative energy, carbon and water solutions we are helping our partners—from the farmer to the corporation—redefine how business gets done.

GoGreen NYC is certified by WindMade