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GoGreen Conference New York

The Green Line Interview Series

Green Line Series NYC | Sass Brown on The Future of Fashion

Sass Brown

The apparel industry has a dilemma — its growing market of global middle class consumers wants their fashion fast and cheap, but the planet can't sustain the current rate (or trend line) of resource consumption or environmental impacts. Author, editor, FIT assistant dean of the School of Art & Design, and sustainable fashion expert, Sass Brown, gives us an insider's take on the seismic shifts pushing the fashion and apparel industry towards less wasteful systems and technology, new heights in design, and far more responsible corporate citizenship when it comes to resourcing, environmental impacts and social justice. Read More

NYC | ioby's Erin Barnes On Their New Platform For Neighborhood Development

Erin Barnes

The three founders of the crowd-resourcing platform ioby are the type of people who like to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty on a project. It's not hard to understand why. When we put in sweat equity, we feel ownership and pride at the results. We give more of our resources to secure a successful outcome. And we want to tell people about our accomplishments (Pinterest, anyone?). On this edition of the Green Line Series, ioby Co-Founder & Executive Director, Erin Barnes shares why the burgeoning crowd-resourcing platform is an important tool for neighborhoods to take control of projects to uplift and revitalize their communities! Read More

Green Line Series NYC | Grassroots Engagement Drives Greener Healthcare at NewYork-Presbyterian

Jessica Prata

Being successful at sustainability is as much about community organizing as it is about operational prowess. In this Green Line Series, we speak with GoGreen NYC speaker and Corporate Sustainability Officer at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, Jessica Prata, on how engaging the organization's staff across departments — from the OR to nurses stations and maintenance — and giving them outlets to participate in NYP's sustainable practices has catalyzed their capacity for achievement. Read More

Brooklyn Navy Yard | Ushering In A New Manufacturing Renaissance in NYC


Since the days of the Industrial Revolution, we've tied manufacturing to smoke stacks and polluting factories. But today's generation of manufacturers — with a keen eye on environmental impact — are cleaning up the sector's reputation through use of cutting-edge technology, highly efficient processes and a broad array of natural materials that are both high quality and eco-friendly. More than a few of these companies are housed in the revitalized Brooklyn Navy Yard (a community partner we are proud to have on board with GoGreen NYC!). Check out three inspiring businesses based in the complex that epitomize the Manufacturing Renaissance sweeping the nation. Read More

Green Line Series | NYC ACRE + Micah Kotch's Growing Web of Sustainable Technology

Micah Kotch

New York City's technology sector is alive and kicking, earning acclaim for its solutions driven focus and merging industry clusters to support the vision of a cleaner, greener New York. NYC ACRE Director, Micah Kotch sits down with the Green Line Series to talk about how emerging clean tech companies are playing a role in reinventing New York City as the greenest in America. Read More

Green Line Series NYC: David Bragdon & The Big Picture For The Big Apple

David Bragdon

For David Bragdon, Director of Long-Term Planning & Sustainability in the Mayor's Office in New York City, planning for the future also requires a plan for today. Our Portland fans might remember Bragdon as the former President of Metro. Today, Bragdon is focused on shaping a greener, more prosperous and more livable New York for its 8.4 million inhabitants. Backing up the City's visionary plan for this endeavor—PlaNYC—are over 400 individual milestones and 130+ initiatives that will ensure progress towards audacious goals Bragdon and his team fully intend to meet. In this Green Line Series Interview, learn more about the ground-breaking PlanNYC and get David's advice on the keys to your organization accomplishing its own audacious undertakings. Read More

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